AX.25 Documents

I have placed here the 1998 version of the AX.25 Standard. Other stuff will follow as necessary.

AX.25 Version 2.2 Standard 1998

Old Radios

This is the story of my continuing attempt to bring life into old radio equipment that I have saved from land fills everywhere. I find the older radios far easier to understand and work on. The links are currently broken but I do own these radios and have most of them on the air.


2B Receiver

Eico 720 Transmitter

E.F. Johnson
Viking II Transmitter

SB-101 Transceiver
SB-301 Receiver
HO-10 Spectrum Analyzer
SB-200 Linear

ICOM 701 Transceiver
ICOM 251A Transceiver
ICOM 451A Transceiver
ICOM 720A Transceiver

R-100A Receiver

Yaesu 847 Transceiver

Military Systems
AN/ARC-1 Transceiver
AN/ARC-4 Transceiver
AN/ARC-8 Radio Set
A.R.C. 12 Radio Set
618S-1A Transceiver
AN/ARC-38 Transceiver
AN/ARC-38A Transceiver
AN/ARC-60 Radio Set
AN/ARC-102 Transceiver
R-391/URR Receiver
R-684/ARR-41 Receiver

Teletype Equipment

Flesher Corporation
TU-170 Terminal Unit

HAL Corporation
ST-8000A Terminal Unit

Teletype Corporation
KSR 28 Teletype Machine
ASR 28 Teletype Machine


Last Updated: 7 January 2017