SIMH Support Package for my SIMH Simulators

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This is where I keep the support files for my SIMH Simulators. This file will unzip into a directory titled "run" which should be at the same level as the simh directory from GitHub.

The run directory contains a subdirectory for each of my simulators. In that subdirectory are batch files to build the simulators with Mingw and to run the simulators. The simulators also build as projects under VS2008. And they all buiuld under Linux with gcc, g++, clang, and clang++. The simulators can be run with one or several Monitors. Batch files are also available to build each of the Monitors. Also, the simulators can be booted into CPM80 for the isys80XX simulators, various ISIS versions for the MDS simulators, and Flex 2.0 for the swtp6800 simulators. Batch files are available to build the complete CPM80 systems and ISIS systems.

SIMH Support files, December 2016.
SIMH Support files, October 2019.
SIMH Support files, 7 August 2020.
SIMH Support files, 31 August 2020.
SIMH Support files, 14 January 2021.

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Last updated: 14 January 2021