Old Computer Systems

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This is the story of my continuing attempt to bring to life the old computer systems that I have saved from land fills everywhere. I find the older machines far easier to understand and work on than the new ones - but I work on and use the new ones as well.


This is an explaination of how I attempt to restore the old systems.
Restoration of old systems


This is a collection of Tools, Monitors, Drivers, Disk Images, Disassemblies, and Documentation I have built or acquired over the years.

Bill's Old Tool Chain Tools
Intel Tool Chain Tools
Operating Systems
ISIS-II Operating Systems, Programming Languages, and Utilities Disk Images
ISIS-II Operating Systems, Programming Languages, and Utilities Disassemblies
IC Documentation
Intel Product Manuals

Intel Computer Systems

This covers the Intel OEM Single Board Computers which I have running the CP/M-80 Operating System. These machines will not run ISIS-II. They are Multibus-I systems.
Intel Systems

Intel ISIS/MDS Systems

This covers the Intel Microcomputer Development Systems (MDS) Series I-III. These machines all run the ISIS-II operating system. They are Multibus-I systems.
ISIS/MDS Systems

Multibus Systems

Multibus Systems

S-100 Bus Systems

I began dealing with the S-100 Systems in 1978. I still have my first S-100 System and it still operates.
S-100 Systems

IBM PC Systems

I began with the IBM PCs as soon as the first clone board (MPX-16) came to market in 1982. I have fiddled with them off and on for the last 35 years.

Software for the Old Systems

This page contains links to the old software that has been found and runs on the CP/M-80 and ISIS-II Operating Systems. This includes the Operating Systems and the user software.
Old Software

Common Disk Subsystems, Formats, Standards, Repair and Geometry

Disk Subsystems
Formats, Standards and Geometry
Fix for 8-Inch Door Latches

Test Equipment and Miscellaneous

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Test Equipment and Adapters

HP-1650B Logic Analyzer
8080 Probe for HP-1650B
8085 Probe for HP-1650B
8086 Probe for HP-1650B
P796 Probe for HP-1650B
3.5 and 5.25 Inch Disk Probe for HP-1650B

Agilent manuals and software for the HP 1650A/B series of Logic Analyzers:

HP-10391B Disassembler SDK
HP-1650A/B Test Cables

LIF Tools for HP Test Equipment

LIF Utilities for Linux
LIF Utilities for DOS (Not Windows!)
Making Disks

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Last Updated: 27 November 2017