Printed Circuit Board Work

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This area contains the work recreating the printed circuit boards that Richard Main had made available to the Intel MDS and OEM System restorers.

I have migrated from ExpressPCB to Eagle, so we could move to more inexpensive Chinese board houses. This has taken a lot more time and work than I would have expected.


MDS-20X to IDE-34 Interface
These adapters convert the 100-pin connector on the iSBC 201/202 to an IDE 34-pin connector.
IPC P2 SIO Adapter
This adapter converts the IPB/IPC P2 connector to 2 DE-9 serial connectors if the PIO or IOC board no present on the system.


These 7Z Files contain the current schematic and board layout, PDF's of schematic and board layout, and a ZIP archive of the Gerber files used to last order the boards.

MDS SA850 and FD235HG Interface
This interface board provides connection between iSBC 201/202 or ZX-200A FDCs to a mix of 8-, 5.25-. and 3.5-inch FDCs.,br /> NOTE: Check the pin numbers on the board. The IDE connectors/headers may need to be mounted on the bottom of the board. They should all be on the same side!
MDS II U91 to USB Adapter
This adapter allows connection between the IPB/IPC U91 and the 5 Volt RS-232 Serial to USB Adapter below to provide Flash Drive connectivity.
5 Volt RS-232 Serial to USB Adapter
This adapter connects a 5 Volt RS-232 connection to a USB Flash Drive.

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Last Updated: 30 November 2019