I was given an NS BLC 80/10 computer board in 2012. I already had an Intel iSBC 80/10 SBC.

NS BLC 80_10 Picture

This CPU board contains 1K bytes of RAM at 03C00-03FFFH. It has four 1K byte EPROM sockets (i2708) at 0000-00FFFH. The 2708s require +5V, -5V and +12V to operate. I don't have the capability to read nor write 2708 EPROMs.

I already had the Intel iSBC 80/10 board operating. I did NOT have a manual for the NS board. I compared the jumpers on the NS board to the schematic for the Intel board. The boards jumpers were identical. Chip locations were identical, as well. I modified the board to use one 2732 EPROM in place of the 4 2708 EPROMs.

NS BLC EPROM Mod Picture

I can't emphasize how important it is to have the Hardware Reference Manual for each board. Nothing is better than having the configuration information for jumpers and the schematic diagrams. The complete hardware reference manual for the iSBC 80/10 is here and matches the NS BLC 80/10 exactly.

I have attempted to power up this board with no luck. I have built an 8080 probe for the HP1650B Logic Analyzer. Its diagram is located with the other logic probes. I will use this probe with the Intel board to test the capture of the running processor, then use the probe to figure out what is failing on the NS board.


1324 MST 13 April 2013.